What is my coaching approach?

Coaching is forward looking and action focused. It turns thoughts and feelings into actions. If you’re not sure about what the future holds, it helps you to regain a feeling of control, building confidence and self-esteem. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, effective coaching helps you find your joie de vivre and removes obstacles to a feeling of fulfilment. It’s not counselling and it’s not therapy. And it works!

What are the benefits?

For an employer:

  • investment in a valued member of the team
  • understanding and acknowledgement of commercial realities
  • retention of key staff and succession planning
  • effective working relationships
  • understanding and accepting change

For an employee:

  • improved performance
  • understanding and acknowledgement of beliefs and values
  • an objective listening ear
  • a sense of focus and direction
  • encouragement and support
  • a trusting and respectful coaching relationship
  • confidentially assured